Best Twitter Tips And Tricks To Use

With over 275 million users, Twitter is considered to be a massive platform. Instagram or Facebook posts might not affect the public more than a Tweet. That is why it is also known as a powerful platform or influential weapon. Well, Twitter is indeed being used as a weapon by some users & powerful leaders. No leader or an actor or so to say a famous personality in the world could risk to lose Twitter & find an alternative platform against it. Twitter offers some tips & tricks that we might use to influence people. These tricks are also helpful to get more fan following on Twitter. In this article, we will discuss some tips & tricks to use Twitter.

1. Post Image Instead Of The Message: –

Your message or write-up you wish to Tweet might be longer than 280 characters. Plus, Twitter only allows you to Tweet a message which should not be more than 280 characters. So instead of setting threads, you may consider writing something on your device and uploading the screenshot of the same to put forth your message. 

2. Use Twitter Threads For Larger Messages: – 

Uploading a screenshot is a way great alternative to avoiding Twitter threads. Nonetheless, it might not be comfortable for you to post screenshots. More importantly, your followers & viewers may not focus on the picture more than the words you have written in your Tweet. Hence, you may use Twitter threads to convey your message. In order to know how to compose a thread, refer to the following steps. 

  • Go to your Twitter application & start writing Tweets. 
  • After you end up writing your message & further you feel like writing more in the same thread, you may consider clicking the +(plus) button which you may find on the right-hand side of your screen. 
  • Upon clicking on the + (plus) button, you are ready to write more. 
  • After you end up writing your kinds of stuff, you may click on Tweet all button which you may find on the right-hand side of your screen. 

One of the greatest things about the Twitter thread is that you may consider adding as many tweets as you wish to do. 

3. Retweet Engaging Posts: –

The most straightforward tip to get more followers is to retweet the interesting post which you think people will like. You may find a myriad of tweets which are poured full of interesting pieces of stuff. You may retweet them to get more followers. Further, you may also write your opinion while retweeting a tweet. In order to write your opinion, you may simply click on the retweet icon. Upon clicking on the same, you would get two options to either retweet it or quote the Tweet. The second option enables you to write your opinion about the Tweet you wish to retweet. Apart from retweeting the kinds of stuff, you may also consider participating in the conversation with the persons having lots of followers. You can join the conversation by dropping a comment in the post. 

4. Use The Pin To Your Profile Button To Keep The Tweet On The Top Of Your Profile: – 

You need to tweet something on a daily basis to become influential on Twitter. On top of it, you may tweet something important that you wish to keep on top of your file for your convenience. In order to do so, you may use the pin to your profile button to accomplish this result. In order to do this, you may click on the downward pointing arrow & select the pin to your profile option. 

5. Retweet Your Own Tweets To Get A Better Exposure: – 

If you did not get something to tweet, you may use your old & useful tweet. You may retweet them to get better exposure. However, abstain from doing it too much. Do it as per the requirement. 

6. Buy Twitter Followers: –

Buying Twitter followers is also a great tip & trick to becoming an influencer. You may Buy Twitter Followers from at a nominal price. Hence buy Twitter followers from Famups. If you are looking for the Best Sites To Buy Twitter Followers you can check it out here.

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