How to view someone’s instagram profile picture in full size

There are hundreds of social media sites on the internet. Almost every one of them has the option of profile picture or DP. Instagram is one of the leading social media site with millions of users worldwide. But in some cases the app does not allow us to view full size Profile picture as the way Instagram does. This may happen even when you are following the account or followed by the particular account. 

This means that when you click on the profile picture of the user, it doesn’t enlarge. Instagram confines some profile pictures from enlarging when the profile picture is clicked. For the profile picture to be enlarged there are a number website which are running in the Internet browser. From one of the most searches website is InstaZoom , for which we will discuss later in this Article.

Although users like Instagram a lot but this lack of feature to enlarge the profile picture has added a ton of dissatisfaction among the users of Instagram. There may be many reasons to open a profile picture by users and we are providing a number of ways through which users can open a profile picture on Instagram.


Instazoom is one of the emerging and liked sites by users which help users to enlarge instagram profile pictures, as the name indicates. This site allows you to open the profile picture in good quality and enables zoom in and out of the picture. This will help the user to find out if the picture is of the person he/she is looking for or not. Through this feature of opening, enlarging and zooming in you can find out someone unknown who texts or calls you on instagram or send message request. One of the benefits of using instazoom is that you can examine whether an account is fake or real one. After enhancing the quality and resolution of the profile picture you can download the picture.

How to enlarge the profile picture

To enlarge a profile picture of an instagram account, follow the following procedures.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Write the user name of the account or put the URL of the account and click on “zoom”
  3. When the result is shown up, click on “view and zoom” to see the image in full size.
  4. You can zoom in / out the picture shown there.

How to download the profile picture?

To download the profile picture, follow the described procedures

  1. Visit the site Instazoom Website.
  2. Find the particular account you are looking for by entering the user name or putting the URL of the account and press ‘zoom”
  3. When the result is shown up, click on “download” to download the image in jpeg format.

Instazoom is a legal, user friendly and free site to open and download. You do not need to install any other app or software to use this site. 

Along with instazoom, there are number of other sites and apps to open an instagram profile picture. Below are some apps which are frequently used by users to open instagram profile picture.

  1. Big profile photo

This app has the feature to show a profile picture in big size as the name indicates. You don’t need to sign in this app to see the profile picture. To view the profile picture of a particular account, you need to put in the user name of the account. This app is easy to use and shows the profile picture clearer.  

  1. Profile download for instagram

By entering the user name this app opens up the profile and you can view the profile picture in high quality. This app has the feature to convert low quality pictures into high one. You can zoom in /out any part of the picture. The app also supports downloading the profile picture and is free of cost.

  1. Instafull

Instafull is one of the most loved apps by around 10 million users. You just need to enter the name of the targeted account and the profile picture will open with good quality.

Along with the above mentioned most rencommended site, the Instazoom, and other apps, there are many other sites and apps that help to open instagram profile picture in full size.

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