Top benefits of painted edge business cards

Business cards have been a strong marketing tool for ages now. Way before digital media came along, business cards were considered to be one of the most effective tools of advertising and self-branding. Just like having a website is crucial for any business in the present time, a business card was essential back then. Business cards represented the authenticity of the company. It was mandatory for every employee to carry a business card in every formal meeting and gathering they attended. While the digital medium has facilitated advanced ways of marketing and branding, business cards still hold significant value. 

Carrying a business card is still considered a token of professionalism and credibility. However, the standard of advertising and branding has escalated significantly thus creating the need for better and more creative ways of business promotion. A traditional business card will not have a notable impact on people who are accustomed to consuming various fancy and creative visuals every day. Painted edge business cards are an alternative to plain boring business cards that will create a strong and meaningful impression. These cards have a custom edge finish that can communicate the vision and essence of your brand effectively. 

Effective marketing is all about making your brand stand out from the competition and grabbing customer attention. Since there are so many companies and business entities in the market, your brand can go unnoticed if adequate promotion is not done. Survival is difficult and one such effective way to mark your identity is through painted edge business cards. These cards have a thick colorful edge that can give a cutting-edge appeal to your business card.

The business cards are often handed over to clients and other people at social gatherings where 10 other businessmen are already pitching their brands. So, how do you make your card get noticed among the rest? Well, opting for a unique and luxury business card might be the solution! You can leave a wow impression by handing over these attractive and creative business cards.  The painted edge cards give a refreshing and bold look to your business card that can prompt a better connection. There are various benefits of switching over to painted edge business cards some of which are discussed as follows: 

  • Branding 

These painted edge business cards play a crucial role in the branding and promotion of businesses. The creative edge feature of these cards makes your brand more attractive and noticeable. It gives a strong branding opportunity through which you can reflect your business ideas more efficiently. You can opt for distinct logo colors and designs to make your cards represent your brand identity. 

  • Durability  

The paint edge cards are highly durable owing to their thickness i.e. double the thickness of normal business cards. They are slightly thicker than regular credit cards and are one of the heaviest cardstocks you will find. These cards are made of premium quality plastic and are resistant to any sort of tear and damage. The thick edge of the card reflects its unique coloring and prevents it from bending at the same time. 

  • Customizability 

A major advantage of getting these paint edge business cards is the high customizing options through which you can have the most unique and creative business cards for yourself. These cards are available in a variety of colors that facilitate quality prints that are bright and give a shiny look. You can make your business card exactly as you want and promote it. 

In this digital era where creativity is infinite, brands are struggling to come up with dynamic branding ideas for survival. Painted edge business cards are a smart and effective marketing tool that can help in creating strong brand awareness. The unique color edge feature of these cards makes them appear more interesting and worth checking out. Go ahead, get attractive business cards today! 

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