Why Is The Printer Ink So Expensive?

It’s a bit counterintuitive to think that printer ink ink cartridges cost more that the printing device itself. Therefore, when the printer is running out of ink or cartridges for ink stop working People think about whether to replace the printer or purchase new ink. It is important to consider which is the most affordable method of completing the job within their budget. Visit the superimageltd

Yet there is the question, why printer ink is so costly?

There are a variety of reasons behind the price of printer ink. They include:

  1. OEM Ink Technology
  2. Research and Development
  3. Monopoly power
  4. Vertical restraints
  5. Printers at a low cost
  6. Profit Margins

Let’s continue to find out the particulars of how following elements contribute to the rise in the price of ink for printers:

OEM Ink Technology

The labor-intensive process and the expensive ink!

If the ink is produced using OEM technologies, price will automatically increase. Making ink for printers that use inkjets isn’t a simple task. It requires high-efficiency and advanced technology. Apart from that, ink should contain:

  • Free of impurities
  • Released in a precise flow
  • Smear and water-resistant
  • Be sure to be safe and sustainable.
  • The longevity and maintenance of the printer
  • Great for cleaning printheads.
  • Don’t break or clog the jets

Therefore, if the ink is created focusing on these points and it is able to reach higher sales and also costs.

Research And development

More money for Research!

It is estimated by HP that they invest $1 billion on research and development for ink. Different kinds of inks are developed to suit different printer types and for various brands. Inks made using OEM technology require ink that is of excellent quality. This means that the simplest companies are unable to make replacements. This in turn raises the cost of ink. For instance, for laser printers the cartridges used are toner. The printer firm is able to use the same cartridge because it is not compatible with it.


Monopoly Power

Epson cartridge to use with Epson Printer!

The printer’s designers design it so that compatible components aren’t readily easily available on the market or, if they’re available however, they do not work to the print device. This is referred to as Monopoly Power in that spare parts for the product only work with the brand that originally made them. This means that the monopolist determines the prices of both printers as well as the inks for the printers. You have to purchase from them in a cases. In the end the cost of ink is high.

Vertical Restraints

High-level competition!

In the event that one printing company produces ink and wishes to market it at a low cost the printer’s business produces the same technology using an electronic chip as well as new code, but at a higher price. Thus, customers prefer technologically advanced equipment that will last longer. Additionally, a smaller company is unable to compete with the technology or technological advancements made by the larger firm. They are not as advanced as the larger companies and larger corporations charge higher prices. This leads to consumers having to pay more for that rate.

Low Price of Printers

Printing equipment is cheap, as well as expensive ink!

This principle is being followed in the marketplace. Thus, the printer manufacturers make a printer that is little for printers. Therefore, by offering printers for a price that is low, they typically attract customers and customers who don’t focus on the ink that comes with the printer are likely to purchase it. In the end, when the ink is drying up it is a matter of attention. when they decide to purchase ink, they realize it’s higher than a computer. It’s a difficult time for the consumer to take a decision.

Profit Margins

Demand is high and there’s more supply!

As the demand rises the supply will also increase and that is that the market earns more profits. Printers are all over the world and the work performed on the printer is demanding, requiring a large amount of ink. Ink is, therefore, the primary component that makes up the printing. When it reaches an end, it’s impossible to print. This will increase the demand for ink, which in turn improves the profits of sellers.

How much does Printer Ink Cost?

The cost of printing is based on 3 elements as follows:

  • Printers

If you purchase a less expensive printer, the cost for the cartridge is expensive for a great outcome when printing. Therefore, ink costs will be costly as well. In the case of expensive printers ink, the cost is not too expensive.

  • Cartridges for ink.

Black ink cartridges cost less than colour cartridges , and they use more ink. For instance, the cost for the first cartridge ranges from $60 to $120 and later it can range from $75 to $150.

  • Cost Per Page

For a cheap printer under $200,

The price for black ink is 5.5 cents

The price of coloured ink is 8.9 cents

A printer that costs over $200,

The cost of black ink is 3.9 cents

The price of colored ink is 8.3 cents

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How can I reduce the cost of inks of printers?

There are several ways to ensure that ink cartridges or ink last longer, so that you don’t have to go over your budget.


  • Get a quality printer
  • Utilize the Cartridges that are efficient.
  • Let the cartridges last longer
  • Use non-OEM Ink

How do cartridges ink last longer?

To ensure that cartridges’ ink lasts longer and save you money concentrate on these factors:

  • Do you clean your printheads?
  • Nozzle cleaning
  • Keep the cartridge moist
  • Double-checking the documents
  • Print view using print view

Bottom Line

Therefore, it is important to understand the reasons ink costs are high. Before you purchase a printer, check whether the printer and filled cartridge meet your printing requirements? What is the cost of their use? Find out the cost per page of the ink cartridge. Another tip is to conduct some research prior to purchasing the printer and ink cartridge. These suggestions will enable you save a considerable amount of cash in the end.

Meta Description: Ink for printers is costly because it’s manufactured using the latest technology and research. In addition, the widespread use of cheap ink printers raises its price.

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