What is easy CELPIP or IELTS?

Candidates frequently ask” which test is more easyto pass – CELPIP or the IELTS or IELTS?’ The reality is, neither of these tests is easy , however there are some aspects of the tests that are more important than each other when compared. (Discuss your questions live with the live chat withIndia the best Coaching Institute Mentors), For Free

CELPIP stands for known as the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and IELTS is the acronym in the International English Language Testing System. These tests are designed to determine English proficiency. the same tests employed for studying, work as well as immigration. However, the CELPIP was designed specifically to be a Canadian English assessment. The CELPIP is suitable for people who wish to obtain permanent residence in Canada or become citizens of Canada.

For listening and reading it is possible to be able to pass CELPIP simpler than IELTS. Similar to speaking, you will realize that IELTS becomes quicker than CELPIP. There are some things you need to consider prior to deciding on which test you will take. If you’re testing for the immigration test, then remember all the aspects before taking the test. Take a look at all the possibilities you believe you have the ability to pass at CELPIP or IELTS before taking the test. Be aware of what your weaknesses and strengths are. Which area are you doing well and which you’re lacking improvement. If, for instance, you excel in speaking, then you must consider taking speaking in the CELPIP examination. If you’re looking for to take a test that is computer-based, you should choose CELPIP. Make sure to check if you are looking for a country that accepts one of these tests-IELTS or CELPIP.

Purpose of IELTS and CELPIP

There is a rationale behind each test. Each test is geared towards a particular area. For example, if , for instance, you intend to apply for immigration then you must take the IELTS general test. If you’re applying to school then you should take IELTS academic.

* The IELTS academic test is offered when you apply for admission into Canadian as well as non-Canadian universities. For professional recognition as an engineer, doctor, or nurse or any other professional. in Canada you need to pass an exam called the IELTS academic.

* If you’re seeking permanent residence within Canada then you need to take the IELTS General Test. Immigration into Australia, New Zealand and UK is also a requirement for the IELTS’s general test.

* CELPIP General Test can also be used in order to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. Certain private schools within Canada are also accepting CELPIP General.

* To apply in order to obtain Canadian citizenship will require CELPIP LS.

Consider Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Test

Each test contains strengths and weaknesses, keep the following factors before making a decision:

* In the listening and reading section of CELPIP you’ll notice the multiple-choice questions are less difficult than the IELTS one.

* If you’re proficient at speaking , you will discover IELTS speaking much easier than CELPIP.

If you’re proficient in typing, then you’ll be able to pass the computer-based tests applicable to the tests IELTS and CELPIP simpler than IELTS test on paper.

If you are proficient in writing speed using a pencil then you’ll find the IELTS paper-based test simpler.

* If you are able to retain the information efficiently when you highlight words on the paper , then it is recommended to take an IELTS tests on paper.

* Both tests have a different validity. IELTS can be used for 2 years from the date of testing while CELPIP can be used for various time frames based on the institution.

Each test is recognized in a different way throughout the world. IELTS is more effective as compared to CELPIP due to the fact that it’s globally recognized. CELPIP is only recognized in Canada.

What are the differences between these tests from one another?

IELTS or CELPIP writing?

In the writing portion, it is contingent on your personal level of proficiency. If you prefer to write on a computer, then the CELPIP and IELTS computer-based tests are ideal for you. However, if you feel that you’re comfortable using pencils and paper, it is it is the IELTS test for the paper base is the test for you. The computer-based tests CELPIP and IELTS have two essays. In these essays , you need to:

* Complete the essay within the time limit.

* Provide a complete answer.

Make sure you follow a good structure when writing your essay writing.

* Develop coherent arguments.

* Use correct grammar in sentences.

* Use a good language and tone.

Speaking IELTS or CELPIP?

Before you decide, consider whether you’re more comfortable speaking on either a computer or the appearance of an examiner for your test. Some people have no difficulty to speak before an audience but others have a harder time and can communicate with computers better.

CELPIP General and CELPIP LS share the same eight speaking tasks. Your marks are based on:

* Achievement of tasks

* Good vocabulary

* Content

* The ability to listen

IELTS General and IELTS academic are the same tests for speaking, i.e., you must speak in front of an individual. There are three parts to speaking, including:

* Introduction

* Presentation

* Discussion and analysis

CELIP, and IELTS listening

CELPIP General and CELPIP LS include the same 40 question exactly like IELTS. In CELPIP you won’t be able to see the questions prior to recording. This means that you must have a solid retention capacity to remember. You must be able to note notes quickly. Answer questions within the timeline.

IELTS General and IELTS Academic include 40 questions. You will hear the questions before you listen, which is a good feature in comparison to CELPIP. It is important to grasp the concepts quickly as you need to write down a brief period of time while the recording is played. You should ensure you test at a test facility that select will be able to provide the test takers headphones to listen to the recording with attention. In other words, some test facilities utilize one source of sound for all test-takers.

IELTS Listening Tips For Test Preparation (Must Read)

IELTS or CELPIP reading

If you’re a regular user of read books on the internet, then the test using computers CELPIP test may be suitable for you.

CELPIP General Reading is a test that uses computers. You will read the questions on a computer and you answer questions on the computer. The CELPIP reading questions must have been completed in the stipulated time, and they are typically multi-choice questions. In this case, you have to select the best answer. You must fully understand the question to determine the right answer.

IELTS Academic and General readings have distinct texts to be read. You need to be able write and spell with clarity and be able to comprehend how the test is answered.


The tests are both designed for you to assess your English ability to communicate. Pick the test that fits the best for you!

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