Water Purifier And Its Needs In Our Life

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The water purifier is the basic need of all the families in India because a water purifier brings pure and healthy water all the time, irrespective of the water source. Our nation has diverse geographical reasons, resulting in diverse water pollutants resulting in severe health issues on consumption.

Thus, the water purifier expert across the nation suggests that people get the Water Purifier Installation done and drink pure and clean water. Drinking pure and healthy water ensures that you will live a healthy lifestyle because water helps various body functions.

In the human body, water plays a vital role in various functions like removing the body’s waste material, helping in blood circulation, brain function, and various others. So the medical professionals advise us to drink water in sufficient amounts, but the drinking of contaminated water leads to various severe health issues, so each time you drink water, ensure to consume only pure water.

What Is A Water Purifier?

A water purifier is an advanced technology-based water purification system that eliminates all kinds of contamination from the water and improves the water taste to consume clean and clear water. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the Indian market which you can buy according to your need.

Types Of Water Purifier

A water purifier is of different types. Below are the few primary forms of water purifiers which you can buy according to your need

RO Water Purifier

A reverse osmosis technology-based water purifier eliminates all kinds of contamination from the water. This purifier uses a permeable membrane with several tiny pores of 0.001 microns. These tiny pores trap the contamination having a molecular size higher than the membrane’s pore size.

An RO technology-based water purifier is perfectly suitable for those water sources that contain a high concentration of total dissolved salts (TDS) present in the water. So RO Installation ensures low or less TDS in water. This water purifier eliminates up to 90-95% of TDS present in the water purifier.

UV Water Purifier

A UV technology-based water purifier is used to eliminate the microbial contamination present in the water. A UV water purifier is suitable for those houses which contain a high concentration of microbes present in the water.

This purifier kills and suspends the growth of the microbes present in the water, but it does not treat the TDS present in the water. So you can have a UV water purifier if your regular sued water contains a high concentration of the microbes in water.

Installation of purifiers is much needed for all the houses in the family, but before the installation, one should consider which water purifier is suitable for their home. Because the nature of the water varies from place to place, do ask your water purifier distributor and then only install the purifier for your house.

Importance Of Water Purifier

Having a water purifier ensures that you will drink pure and healthy water when you urge for water. But apart from this, having a water purifier possesses several health benefits listed below.

  • Improves the human health
  • Maintain the optimum TDS level of the water
  • Improve the taste of the water

Why Should You Install Water Purifier?

Having a water purifier ensures that you will get pure and healthy water all the time you wish to drink water, and this make sure that your health will remain in good conditioner because pure water is nearly free from germs and other chemicals that make it perfectly suitable for human consumption when you drink clean water to protect you from various health issues like diarrhea, typhoid, and others.

Which Water Purifier Is Best For Home?

However, almost all the water purifier available in the Indian market is designed to eliminate water contamination. But if you’re concerned about your drinking water, you should install a suitable purifier according to the contamination present in your regular used water.

If your regular use water contains high TDS, then an RO water purifier is the best option for you, but if your regularly used water contains a high concentration of microbes, then you should buy the purifier based on UV technology.

If your regularly used water contains a high concentration of TDS and microbes, buying a purifier based on RO and UV technology is the most suitable option for your house. So while buying a water purifier must get in touch with the water purifier manufacturer and distributor. 

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