Nicotine Salt as Vape Juice Online in Canada – All You Need to Know

Nicotine salt vape juices are the newest types of e-juices that smokers and vapers alike are buying from vape shops. These vape juices allow vapers to vape e-cigarettes at higher nicotine strengths without letting them experience the rough throat hit. Consequently, vapers end up vaping less because of their high nicotine strengths. You can easily find and buy nicotine salt vape juice online in Canada from online vape stores, like Vapes HQ. Nicotine salt vape juices are suitable for vapers who don’t like vaping round-the-clock and love light-headed feeling.

Is Nicotine Salt the Right Vape Juice for You?

Nicotine salt e-liquids may work for you if:

  • You want to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • You tried vaping, but it didn’t work for you.
  • You want to begin vaping but don’t know where to start from.
  • You want to experience high strength nicotine without a harsh hit as opposed to a cigarette.

Freebase Nicotine Vape Juices vs. Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine in the vape juices that tobacco companies have been using since the past is freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine is the purest and much more potent that absorbs faster in the lungs and the brain than nicotine derivatives. On the other hand, nicotine salt is much more stable but not as volatile as freebase nicotine. Salt nics or nicotine salt e-liquids also take longer to vaporize as compared to freebase nicotine. Pax Labs, the innovator of nicotine salt vape juices wanted to let vapers mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette; hence, it introduced them. Thus far, salt nics have successfully worked for vapers to enjoy vaping as smoking cigarettes without a harsh throat. 

The Right Device to Vape Salt Nics

Vapers should keep this fact in mind that nic salts operate in lower wattage devices. Thus, they should avoid vaping nicotine salt, available as vape juice online in Canada with high-powered devices. Using sub-ohms to vape nicotine salt at 50 mg nic levels will give vapers an excessive amount of nicotine that’s fairly unpleasant. Low wattage devices with high resistance are the right devices to vape nicotine salt e-liquids. You can buy them from vape stores as open system or closed system vaping devices, mentioned below:

  1. Open System: You can manually refill them while buying nicotine salt e-liquids.
  2. Closed Systems: You can buy cartridges/pods containing e-liquid that usually come in packs of four.   

What Are the Advantages of Nicotine Salts as Vape Juices?

Here are the benefits of buying salt nics from vape stores:

  1. User-Friendly: You can easily and hassle-freely vape nicotine salt e-liquids. You may also buy cartridges to avoid making a mess while refilling e-juices. Nicotine salt e-juices can easily fit in a pocket. You will also enjoy getting huge clouds if you choose to vape nicotine salt vape juice.
  1. Higher Nicotine Strength: Nicotine salt e-liquids have higher nicotine levels and the instant hit that can help you immensely in quitting cigarettes. Some vapers also argue that nicotine salt vape juices are highly effective in fighting cravings than the other devices. 
  1. Smooth Taste and Less Nicotine Bite: Nicotine salt offers a better vaping experience to those who want to vape at higher nicotine strengths. Nicotine salt e-liquids don’t also give a harsh throat hit, unlike freebase nicotine.     
  1. Use Less E-Liquid: You won’t consume much e-juice when you vape nicotine salt vape juice. Moreover, higher nicotine strength and better absorption with low vapour production are arguably better for nicotine satisfaction.      
  1. Longer Shelf Life: Nicotine salt vape juices have a longer shelf life because they have nicotine in the purest state. Thus, it’s less likely for nicotine salt e-juice to oxide faster.   

Can Nicotine Salt E-Juices Make You Addictive?

Nicotine salt is highly addictive, with a higher amount of nicotine than freebase vapes. Thus, you can become addicted if you vape nicotine salt vape juices without precautions. Besides nicotine, nicotine salt e-juices also contain benzoic acid. According to studies, inhaling benzoic acid can cause coughing. Additionally, some people are allergic to benzoic acid. Hence, benzoic acid is also an important concern for vapers who vape nicotine salt e-juices.


Nicotine salt e-juices are the newest addition to e-juices to the community of smokers and vapers. You can also purchase nicotine salt vape juice online in Canada from online vape stores. You may choose to vape nicotine salt vape juices if you want to quit cigarettes or experience high nicotine strengths. Freebase nicotine e-juices are much more potent to vape than nicotine salt e-liquids. Low wattage devices as open and closed systems are the right devices to vape nicotine salt e-liquids. Advantages of salt nics for vapers are as follows:

  1. Easy and hassle-free to vape
  2. Higher nicotine strength
  3. The smooth taste and less nicotine bite
  4. Use less liquid
  5. Longer shelf life

Additionally, nicotine salt e-juices contain high nicotine strength; thus, they can make vapers addicted. Lastly, benzoic acid in nicotine salt is still a concern that can cause coughing if you inhale it.

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