Pretty and attractive wooden temple designs for your home

A temple holds a significant place in any Hindu household. No matter how strongly you believe in your religion, the presence of a temple is considered auspicious. You can create a beautiful prayer room in your home. Having said this, the temple should be well-positioned in your home to attract positive energy, prosperity, and peace. Some people prefer a wooden temple because it is cost-effective and easy to manage. 

In case you are looking for a unique temple for your home and you are planning to visit a wooden furniture shop, you can read below for some ideas. From modern temples to intricate temple designs, you can find all kinds of designs that can fit in compact spaces or open spaces. 

  1. Wooden temple with jaali pattern

Everybody loves the idea of having a jaali in his home temple. The jaali pattern fits seamlessly into any living room and is a great pick for you in case you have a well-finished TV unit. A combination of white and wood Pooja unit has a high aesthetic value. You can use the drawers to store the stuff that you need while performing the Pooja.

  1. Wooden corner temple design with an eye-catching design

This wooden temple fits itself conveniently in a corner of the living room. This temple looks great if you have a wooden diwan in your house. A combination of both looks great. The temple has a gorgeous door design comprising intricate carving. This temple is going to add an aesthetic value to your home along with offering a positive vibe. 

  1. Portable wooden Pooja unit

This is a convenient and portable mini temple. It has a stunning jaali work with two doors. The two wooden pillars on either side standing tall on a white platform adds much-needed charm. You can easily move this unit around your house depending upon where you want to place it. It can be called a piece of décor in itself.

  1. Temple with foldable doors

This temple has wooden-framed panels which adds something extra to the space. These panels merge with the digitally printed glass that has been done with intricate wooden carvings. Along with offering an accordion style, the doors are foldable on one side and act as a divider from the other. This is a perfect pick in case you want to position your temple in the lobby area. The temple throws positive vibes because of its location and you don’t need an extra partition for your temple, lobby, and living room. 

  1. Wooden temple with concealed lights

This is a gorgeous and elegant temple that has concealed lights as its highlighting point. The lighting highlights each idol and adds to the room’s warm and serene demeanor. You can get an ‘Om’ highlighted in the background. The lights also highlight the ‘Om’ and the two lights on each side add divinity to the space. You can even place some accessories in the base cabinets that complement the blissful prayer time. This simple temple design is perfect for a compact space.

  1. Expandable temple idea

This temple design can act as a private or spacious area for your prayers. It also offers flexibility due to its partition screen. In case you close the partition door, you can get a personal meditation time and you can open it in case you are hosting a prayer meeting with a large group. 

  1. Temple with sliding enclosure

This new temple design for homes comes with sliding glass doors. These doors help in peaceful communion with the divine. The inner space of the temple is lighted with a character and gives the house a warm feeling. You can view the idols from the outside due to the glass doors but they are safe inside the temple. Nobody can enter the temple and harm the idols if the door is closed. It is also a great choice in case you have kids in the house. 

ConclusionA wooden temple is a great addition to your home. It helps you to connect with your deity even if you are not praying inside the temple. A temple reflects positivity in the entire house. The Pooja area has a specific fragrance that is loved by all. These days there are many options when it comes to picking up the best temple design for your house. You can go for an amalgamation of modern and traditional aesthetics for your home. A combination of white, wood, and glass also looks great when you are designing your prayer space. Adding a few lights can add the much-needed charm to your temple. Always remember to have some extra drawers and cabinets in your Pooja room so that there is a space to keep everything that you need while you are praying.

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