Odisha Bhulekh – Check Land Records Online in Odisha

In this article, we learn a little more about the Odisha Government’s initiative to make access to land record deals easier, and more transparent. Odisha Bhulekh is a scheme launched by the state government, for the benefit of its residents. It is an online outlet where citizens can access their land records. With the portal, you can learn more about the property’s owner, the property’s value, and the landowner. 

The Odisha government’s Board of Revenue inaugurated the Odisha Bhulekh online system so its citizens can easily find updates on their land record information whenever they want. It’s a user-friendly platform that boasts of timely results. 

The Odisha Bhulekh is also known as the Record of Rights or ROR. Aside from being a repository of Odisha land and landowners, it also contains details about their ownership style. You can even consult the system to determine the production potential of the land. 

With this platform, you do not need to visit the state’s land matters office. Simply log in to access features, such as the statistics of state land records, online access to ROR, a map of Odisha, details of Tahasil (townships), and a log-in option for departmental users. 

Six Advantages of the Odisha Bhulekh Online Platform 

The advantages of the Odisha Bhulekh platform include:

● It enables you to check your land record as well as additional information, and it’s available for use 24/7  and contains the record of all Odisha lands. 

● It eliminates the language barrier as you can get information about your land in either English or Odia languages.

● It is designed to be accessible by all users. 

● With it, you are guaranteed honesty in the state government’s land management practices. It curbs common problems, such as extortion, unsanctioned possession, and the sale of land. 

● It lessens the burden for the Odisha land record department workers. 

● Feel free to access your land record on the go and at home. So long as there is a stable internet connection, you can view your details anytime. 

Why is the Record of Rights Important? 

The Record of Rights, or ROR, holds important details about your land, its current owner, its history, and so on. The Odisha government’s Revenue and Disaster Management department manages the ROR.  

Five Advantages of the Record of Rights

Advantages of the ROR include:

● With it, you can determine a land’s true owner. 

● With it, you can avert land disputes with other parties over a land. 

● It helps you avoid illegal possession of your land. 

● It enables you to stave off unlawful claims to your land.  

● It also provides details about your land’s agricultural prospects. 

How to View a Bhulekh Odisha Land Record using Khatiyan Number

You can view a Bhulekh Odisha land record using the Khatiyan number by following the below steps:

● Visit the Bhulekh Odisha online portal and choose your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle. 

● Choose “Khatiyan”. 

● Choose your preferred Khatiyan number and click the enter key. 

● Your Odisha land record will appear immediately. 

How to View a Bhulekh Odisha Land Record Using Tenant Name

● Visit the Bhulekh Odisha online portal and choose your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle. 

● Choose “Tenant”. 

● Input the tenant’s name and click the enter key. 

● The land record will appear instantly.

How to View a Bhulekh Odisha Land Record using Plot

● Visit the portal and select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle. 

● Choose “Plot”. 

● Select the plot number to see the land record details related to it. 

Service Charges 

Below are the charges you should expect to pay when you apply for the ROR documents:

● Government Fees and User Charges: Rs.30.00

● Kiosk Operator’s Service Charges: Rs.8.00 

● Printing Charges: Rs.10.00 

● Scanning Charges: Rs 5.00 

● Certificate Output Charges: Rs.10.00

● DEGs charges Rs.2.00

How to Apply for Bhulekh Odisha ROR Offline 

If you prefer to apply offline, here are the guidelines:

● Walk into the nearest District Revenue Office. 

● Obtain a ROR application form. 

● Supply the necessary details and add the documents as requested. 

● Submit the completed form. 

● Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt. 

● Your application enters the verification stage. 

● Upon verification of your form and the extra documents, you receive an approved copy of the ROR. 

What are the Documents Needed for the ROR Application? 

If you are unaware of the documents to submit along with your application, find them listed below:

● Proof of Identity, such as a voter card or a ration card

● Proof of Address, such as an Aadhaar card

● Property documents 

● Encumbrance certificate 

● Land tax 

● Income certificate to as a source of income source 

How to Download the Bhulekh Odisha Land Record

To download the Odisha land record for easy access, follow these guidelines:

● Login to the Bhulekh Odisha online portal and select the land record you desire to download. 

● Scroll to “Select Location for ROR” and select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle. 

● Authenticate the land record with the Khatiyan, Tenant, or Plot option.

● Move to the dropdown menu and choose the right option. Input the necessary detail in the respective fields. 

● Upon generating the land record page, print by clicking the “Print” icon. Save to your device as a PDF file. 

Closing Thoughts

Now you can easily check land record details. Simply visit the online platform, log in to the system and follow the prompts. You can also do this at the nearest district revenue office. Note that you will pay for this service, offline or online.

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