How Do You Prepare for Defence Exams in General Awareness

Every Indian considers the Indian defence forces to be the nation’s “Superhero.” Without a doubt, these forces are home to brave and dedicated young people. Becoming a member of the defence forces, on the other hand, is not easy. Candidates who are interested and eligible must work hard to pass the written test and the difficult SSB interview. The written test in most defence exams has four sections: math, reasoning, general awareness, and English. Everyone understands how to prepare for quants and thinking in a clever approach. Only a few applicants, however, know how to ace the general knowledge part. Defence aspirants will learn about effective techniques to prepare for general awareness in this post.

The military produces skilled individuals by administering a range of tests. Do you have a 12th grade diploma and are studying for the NDA exam? If so, improve your test preparation under the direction of the best source for NDA tutoring in Chandigarh. Candidates for the defence forces take the CDS and AFCAT exams in addition to the NDA test. General awareness is the most typical element of any defence test. This part assesses applicants’ recall of static G.K., current events, and other broad themes.

Examine the following useful hints and recommendations for preparing general awareness for the defence exams:

Every Day, Read Two Newspapers

Newspapers may be a valuable resource for candidates studying current events. There is no better way to prepare for current events than to read newspapers. We recommend that you read two newspapers every day. Read two newspapers, one in your original language and the other in English. It can assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of what is going on in your immediate surroundings. As a result, set aside at least one hour each day to read the newspaper. Reading newspapers during optimal hours might help you recall knowledge for a long time. If you want to be dextrous in this segment, you can’t ignore reading the newspaper.

Keep An Eye On A Reputable News Station

Apart from reading a newspaper, another intriguing approach to keep up with current events is to watch a trustworthy news programme. Many news networks, such as BBC News, ABP News, and others, can keep you up to speed on current events. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to be up to date on both national and international news. During small pauses, you can select to view news networks. As a result, you do not need to set aside time to watch a news programme. It is also optional to watch a news station.

Get Applications For Your Phone

Everyone nowadays carries a smartphone in their pocket. So, why not put it to good use for yourself? You might choose to download a current affairs app instead of accessing social media on your phone. It’s a portable alternative that may help you stay current on current events even while you’re on the go. The nicest part about installing an app is that it comes with daily quizzes. By answering the quiz questions, you may effortlessly improve your current-events knowledge.

As a result, a basic smartphone can assist you in preparing for defence tests by providing broad knowledge. Are you preparing to take the AFCAT exam? If you answered yes, then be ready for the test with the aid of an excellent AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.

Make Sure To Take Detailed Notes

Theoretically, general knowledge is a topic. Furthermore, while studying for the general awareness exam, you must learn vast amounts of knowledge. Do you know how to maintain general awareness in the most effective way possible? While studying, you might develop the habit of writing. It can assist in the memorization of any knowledge. You’ll also take better notes this way. While taking notes, we recommend that you underline essential points. It can assist you in revising everything crucial in the last hours.

Carry Out Practise Exams

Practicing mock examinations is an absolute must while studying for the defence exams. Various web portals provide a plethora of mock tests. These practise exams will offer you a good sense of the types of questions that will be given on the real exam. You’ll also be able to improve your problem-solving speed and accuracy. As a consequence, you’ll be able to avoid bad grading in your defence tests. We recommend that you complete at least three or four practise tests every day.

Subscribe To A Monthly Publication

Do you find reading a newspaper every day to be a tedious task? If that’s the case, consider reading a magazine that compiles a month’s worth of news into a single volume. Every piece of information in the magazine is presented in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, you might not feel compelled to take notes. You may prepare for current events by reading a variety of credible periodicals available on the market. Here’s a list of some well-known publications:

  • Darpan Pratiyogita
  • Competition’s success Review 
  • digest for readers
  • Weekly economic and political news
  • Time, for example.

Revise On A Regular Basis

Without a doubt, you’ll need to learn a lot of knowledge while studying for general awareness. Revise current events on a frequent basis to ensure you don’t forget anything. Your notes will come to the rescue here. Make an effort to rewrite from your notes. You will be able to recollect things quickly. You may also make a chart of difficult topics and pin it to the wall in front of you. Before going to bed and when you wake up, read about such issues. This is how you may learn the general knowledge portion quickly and effortlessly.

So, do you want to join the armed forces by passing the CDS exam? Prepare for the test with the aid of an eminent institute that offers CDS coaching in Chandigarh to ensure your success.


These are some of the most efficient methods for preparing for the general awareness component of defence tests. To ace this part, all you need is a decent memory. There’s no need to memorise fast tips and tricks the way you do with quants and logic. As a result, preparing for general awareness is simple. As a result, having a strong performance in this part might help you enhance your total score.

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