28 Incredible Fun Facts About Surfing You Must Know

Surfing is one of the most popular surfaces of water sports in which a surfer rides a surfboard on the crest and faces a wave. More and more people are taking up these sports every day. Many of us consider surfing to be one of the most dangerous sports in the world with 2.5 deaths per session. However, plenty of sports professionals is making a career in this sport and having its debut in the Tokyo Olympic Games. So here are 28 incredible fun facts about surfing you must know. 

List Of 28 Incredible Fun Facts About Surfing

The history of surfing is rich and sparkling. There are plenty of incredible facts that contribute to the development of wave riding. Some facts are strange and others are incredible!

From innovative gear to marine science, surfing has been collecting stories, records and achievements. Below, we’ve compiled the list of 28 incredible fun facts about surfing that every beginner should know. 

1- It is one of the oldest sports on the earth. Recently, archaeologists discovered prehistoric stone carving in Chan Chan, Peru that brings us over 5,000 years ago and shows people surfing. 

2- It was first described by Captain James Cook.

3- Surfer Gary Saavedra in 2011 created a world record for the longest ride of 3 hours 55 minutes when he rode the wake of a speed boat. 

4- World War II pushed surfing to a higher level. At the time of war new chemicals were made such as Styrofoam, resin and fibreglass. These chemicals would be used to make the boards. 

5- The first surf contest was held in 1928 in California. 

6- With over 25 million surfers globally, surfing is currently a 20 billion a year business. 

7- The largest wave recorded was 1738 feet! Yes, you heard right. It was named a mega-tsunami and occurred in 1958 in Lituya Bay Alaska. 

8- The longest ride ever in the Amazon river was a tidal wave burning a foot in 37 minutes, like on the Severn River in the Uk. 

9- Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is at little risk for surfing. She broke her nose 4 times from surfing! Maybe she should have to take a surf holiday to avoid breaking it for the fifth time. 

10- Speaking of Hollywood stars and surf injuries, Late Patrick Swayze broke his four ribs while filming the best Hollywood film. 

11- The world record for the most surfboards stacked on top of a car is 282, which was driven 30meter in California.

12- A 50 years old woman, Kurtis Loftus, set the record for the longest surfing marathon in Jacksonville Beach in 2011 with the pain of 29 hours and 1 minute.

13-  Surf legend Kelly Slater surprisingly set the record for the most earned money through surfing in a single year when he made $3 million in 2011.

14- As per the new research, surfing continues to be gaining popularity because it symbolises the antithesis of modern society, the pursuit of pure pleasure, and the idea of eternal youth!

15- In 1959, Linda Benson became the first woman to surf in Waimea Bay at the age of 15! Also, she became the first woman to be on the surf magazine cover star. 

16- The biggest surfboard collection belongs to Donald Dettloff Who owns 647 boards! He has made a barrier from them that surrounds his property in Hawaii. 

17- One of the most incredible facts about surfing is that dogs also participate in surfing competitions! Yes, you heard right. 

18- There is no surprise! Maximum 47 people can stand on a single surfing board. 

19- Plymouth University in Uk offers a degree in Surf Science and Technology. 

20- As per the American Surf Magazine, 66% of the surfers think that sharks were riding waves. 

21- The Capital of New Zealand Wellington is the windiest surf city in the world. 

22- In 1981, the first competition was won by a thruster surfboard at Bells beach classic. 

23- Bodyboarding legend Mike Stewart was the first to surf the Tehuupu in 1987.

24- A trained surfer can hold his breath for about four minutes while the steady apnea record holder does it for more than 11 minutes.

25- Hawaiian Holiday is the first surf animated movie released in 1937 by Walt Disney. 

26- Big wave surfer Mark Fu, who lost his life to the Mavericks, was passionate about martial arts.

27- As per the report, there are 35 million people who are surfers worldwide.

28- Quicksilver, the best-known surf clothing brand today, emerged when two surfers from Torquay began making boardshorts in their garages in 1969.


As you can see, the incredible fun facts about surfing show that this popular water sport is growing in popularity. It has been included in the Olympic game, so it is necessary to assume that the number of surfers will be increased. 

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